The course designed for the modern HEART-TEAM

February 5–7, 2017 – Zurich – Switzerland

The first two editions of the Mitral Valve Meeting would not have been successful without the help of the entire faculty, many experts, friends and the active role of the participants. We learned a lot, we had open discussions, we improved translational communication, with the aim to deliver seamless care to our patients.

The upcoming 3rd Mitral Valve Meeting 2017 will feature even more interaction and practical workshops. We organize focused educational activities for the Heart-Team, with practical hands-on guided by experts, novel imaging skills, new technologies, and other subjects related to mitral valve interventions, from surgery to catheterbased therapies.

We will focus on tailored approaches for the different mitral pathologies, and – new hot topic this year – how to target the tricuspid valve, as next frontier after the mitral valve, to complete the armamentarium of the modern Heart-Team.

Live cases will enable interactive and passionate discussions. Collaboration with the industry will expose participants to the most modern technologies and give them a glimpse into the future. It is our ambition that this course will allow physicians to find the necessary information to fill gaps of knowledge between their specialities, entering into the details of the mitral valve. This task can be achieved only within a team approach, with strict collaboration of physicians with different backgrounds, sharing the same objective of delivering the most appropriate therapy tailored to patient needs.

Together we can contribute and shape the future of valve interventions, defining the complementary role of medical, transcatheter and surgical therapies.

Francesco Maisano (Course Director)