As everybody knows, CME has a cost, and therefore it is not surprising that supporting entities may want to influence the message to be provided by the content of an educational course. Several measures can be taken to make potential conflicts of interest transparent (who is the sponsor) or to reduce the influence of a sponsor (unrestricted grants, no strings attached). Also, an organizer can make sure, that the course program is balanced and that controversial opinions are expressed and discussed.


One remaining concern is the sponsorship for registration, travel and accommodation going directly to participants, which can be seen as a personal advantage and therefore may or may not obscure the beneficiary’s mind. This issue can be addressed by governance and a clear/transparent decision making process. In practice, the direct sponsorship model can be replaced by a scheme with an independent body distributing the available support to the health care providers.


The Heart-Team Education Association is currently requesting educational grants for the following medical education programs. Please contact Eva Butler ( for more information.


Currently requesting educational grants for:


TVT 2018 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
June 20–22, 2018
Chicago, IL


TCT 2018 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
September 21–25, 2018
San Diego, CA



MAM 2018


October 4–5 2018

Zürich, Switzerland