As technology evolves, modern cardiovascular therapies can now be delivered by a range of methods involving multidisciplinary teams. Examples of these options are medical therapy, transcatheter therapy and surgical therapies.

Modern physicians should be aware of the different options available to them and be able to choose the best one for the patient. The Heart-Team approach involves bringing together physicians from many different backgrounds who share the same objective to deliver the most appropriate and modern therapy tailored to the patient needs.

Under the new MedTech Code, direct sponsorship from the Medical Industry to HCPs to attend medical congresses is no longer allowed. With the establishment of The Heart-Team Education Association, the Medical Industry and HCPs will continue to benefit from knowledge sharing, improving and benefiting from the latest technology in order improve communication and deliver seamless care to patients. Heart-Team Education is a Trusted Partner of MedTech and thus works strictly within the guidelines of the new rules and regulations of the MedTech Code.


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